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The Ingram New Works Project

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Application Deadline: Midnight CST June 21

The Ingram New Works Project was launched by Nashville Repertory Theatre in 2009 thanks to the generous support of Martha Ingram. With the mission to support the creation of new works for the theatre, Nashville Rep created a project that includes the New Works Lab.

The Ingram New Works Lab is intended to be an artistic home for emerging playwrights to share and develop new work, hone craft, receive direction, and springboard themselves into the next phase of their writing career, providing a fertile environment for the emergence of great new plays.

Nashville Rep seeks committed playwrights for residency in the 2015-2016 Ingram New Works Lab.

The Ingram New Works Lab is a generative residency in which selected playwrights will create a new work for the theatre. Nashville Rep will serve and support selected playwrights as they work to develop their play from the idea stage to a muscular full draft. Nashville Rep will provide the playwrights-in-residence:
  • A season-long playwright-run script lab that meets once a month.
  • Access to professional actors, providing a choice of collaborators amongst theatre artists in Nashville.
  • Workshop sessions involving professional directors, designers, and dramaturgs.
  • Access to professional marketing and audience development resources.
  • A symposium with the Ingram New Works Fellow, a playwright with a national reputation.
  • Participation in the Ingram New Works Festival, giving the playwrights the opportunity to work with a professional director and actors in rehearsal and hear their script read in front of a live audience.
  • A supportive environment to foster and support the playwright’s process.
  • Housing during residency dates in Nashville.
  • Travel reimbursement up to $375.00 for each trip to Nashville.
  • A small stipend to defray additional expenses.


The New Works Lab will meet once a month to provide playwrights-in-residence with a supportive but disciplined environment to workshop their scripts. By definition a laboratory is a testing ground inasmuch as it offers opportunities for observation, practice and experimentation. Every playwright will have the opportunity to hear multiple drafts of their script read aloud by actors and receive feedback from their fellow playwrights. The lab will provide the opportunity for playwrights to shape, mold, and develop as many drafts as they feel necessary before festival rehearsals begin.

Lab Meeting dates (a full day commitment on the following dates):
2015: Sept. 11; Oct. 16, 17; Nov. 6, 7; Dec. 11, 12
2016: Jan. 9-15 Feb. 19, 20; March 25, 26; April TBA


Playwrights-in-residence will participate in a week-long New Works Lab symposium with the recipient of the Ingram New Works Fellowship, a nationally recognized playwright. The symposium will take advantage of the New Works Fellow’s experience and skill, focusing on a wide variety of issues related to working as a playwright: everything from how an emerging playwright gets a script produced to how to manage the pitfalls of the development process to specific guidance on the art of playwriting. The New Works Fellow will serve as a mentor to the playwrights-in-residence throughout the season via electronic communication. Lab participants should be prepared to clear their schedule for the entirety of the week-long symposium.

Symposium dates:
January 9-15, 2016


Work in the Lab will be focused on goals established by the Lab Playwrights. However, each playwright will be expected to work toward the creation of a new play that will be presented in a staged reading at the New Works Festival, whether completed or as a work in progress. Please note the following criteria for New Works festival plays being developed in the lab:

Full-length plays (prefer 80-120 mins. running time).
Plays that utilize no more than 8 actors.
Plays that have not previously been produced by any professional company.

Festival dates:
May 4-14, 2016


Nashville Rep will award up to four residencies in the New Works Lab. Each playwright who accepts the residency will commit to participating in the monthly Lab meeting, the New Works symposium, rehearsals for the New Works Festival, and assisting with the New Works Festival in May 2016 as auxiliary artistic staff. All playwrights who accept a residency must commit to be available for all lab, symposium, rehearsal and festival dates. Should a playwright-in-residence miss multiple commitments, they may be asked to forgo their place in the New Works Lab. Nashville Rep provides limited travel reimbursement for playwrights-in-residence and encourages regional playwrights to consider travel costs and commitments before applying.


All applications should include the following material:

A letter stating your objectives for working on a new play in the Ingram New Works Lab at Nashville Rep. You must include a description of your proposed play.
One Page Bio with history as a playwright.
One Page Artistic Statement.
A play that best represents your writing skill. Full-length is preferred, but a substantial one-act play (minimum of one hour running time) will be acceptable for this application. Author and contact information must appear on the title page. Please do not submit musicals, screenplays, TV scripts, or children’s theatre.

Please use the form below for your submission. Upload your letter of intent, one page bio, one page artistic statement, and play (4 files) in PDF, doc, or docx format. You will receive a confirmation email shortly to verify your submission.

Additional questions can be sent to: Nate Eppler, Ingram New Works Lab Director nate@nashvillerep.org.

North Park Playwright Festival

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Our goal in building the North Park Vaudeville and Candy Shoppe was to provide a small theater to produce new, untested plays. In support of this goal we have produced the North Park Playwright Festival each October. The festival provides a platform for brand new, short (ten minute), plays written by playwrights from around the world. Over the past twelve years more than 400 new plays have been produced. We encourage new directors and actors to become involved in theater through the festival as well. Through the North Park Playwright Festival over ninety playwrights, directors, and actors each year are able to showcase their talents. We invite interested playwrights to submit work to the festival. 

Please follow the guidelines below.

We are looking for:

1. Short new plays (no more that 12 pages, less is fine) that are easily staged and have casts with no more than four people. Our theater is very small and we normally use a minimal set concept in this festival. We have to be able to change sets in just a few minutes as we do six to seven plays each evening of the festival. We don't have space for large casts.

2. We request new work. A play that has had workshops or one or two previous productions is OK, but we are not interested in work that has been produced in numerous other places. Our goal in building the theater was to have a place to produce brand new work and let playwrights have a chance to see their work done for the first time.

3. We seek complete plays rather than excerpts from a larger work.

4. Work will be chosen by the directors we have in the festival. It is not a "contest" and we are not really judging plays in the formal sense. The directors choose the plays we will produce, within the production budget guidelines we give them.

5. Most subject matter is OK. We don't do nudity or off color humor.

6. We ask that all submissions be sent to us via snail mail at the theater. Address is: North Park Vaudeville and Candy Shoppe, 2031 El Cajon Blvd., San Diego, CA 92104, Attn Summer Golden, Artistic Director. We have too much trouble with differing email, word processing, and computer platform issues to take them via email. Additionally, our selection process requires the directors read the plays submitted and the cost of printing all the plays we receive each year is prohibitive. Please insure submissions have a title page with complete contact information (including email), a character summary, and are in proper script form. There is no charge to enter.

7. Submissions must be postmarked by June 30, 2015. Please do not send plays by any method that requires a signature from us. We are not often at the theater when delivery occurs. We will email notice of receipt to all playwrights submitting plays.

8. Send only one script. Multiple submissions do not increase chances of production.

General information:

We are trying to support new work and involve actors, playwrights, and directors of all experience levels. We have had a wide variety of artists involved from very experienced to first time directors and actors, to an 8 year old playwright (very short, well received play). We feel having a wide range of experience involved helps the new people learn from the more experienced.

We really appreciate your interest in our theater.

Jeff Bushnell and Summer Golden
North Park Vaudeville and Candy Shoppe
2031 El Cajon Blvd.
San Diego, CA 92104

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And Then She Said a Funny Thing

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Ever been told that women aren't as funny as men? Yes, us too. In fact, we got so sick of hearing it that we decided to answer back.

And Then She Said a Funny Thing... is a brand new comedy podcast featuring bitesize funnies written by women. Our pilot episode, recorded at Omnibus Clapham in September 2014, was a resounding win and following the success of our Kickstarter Campaign plans are now underway for Episode 2!

We want your sketches, rants, poems and funny words in any form to feature in our live shows. Selected pieces will be performed by our ludicrously talented cast and released onto the airwaves for all to enjoy.

We'll accept words on any topic and in any style, and all writers are given full credit for their material. The only rules are that pieces must be:
  • Comic Writing 
  • Suitable for audio performance and recording 
  • Written by a woman (or women) 
  • 90 Seconds long or less

Submissions for our next recording on 17th July at Omnibus are OPEN!

Please send to: funnythingpieces@gmail.com





Writers in Residence 2016 submission opens

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2nd March - 29th May 2015

The Writer in Residence programme for 2016 is funded by the generous support of Joanna Munro. Thanks to Joanna, Gladstone’s Library can continue to offer residencies that enrich the community of writers and readers that we have here at the Library.



Currently in its fourth year, Gladstone’s Library’s competitive Writer-in-Residence programme provides space and resources for four writers whose work engages with liberal values.

By liberal values, we do not mean views aligned with any particular political ideology.

We mean a commitment to freedom and social justice, tolerance and respect of difference, open-mindedness coupled with intellectual curiosity, generosity of spirit and a willingness to learn from others.

Founded by Gladstone in 1894, the Library is committed to maintaining his legacy of engagement with social, moral and ethical questions by helping people reflect more deeply on the questions that concern them.

It does not claim to provide any of the answers but it does offer a comfortable, sociable and stimulating environment together with unparalleled resources for creative study including renowned collections of historical, cultural, theological and political materials: 33,000 books come from Gladstone’s own library and many contain annotations made by Gladstone himself.

Through reflection and writing during their stay, Writers-in-Residence help us redefine liberal values for the twenty-first century.

Their engagement might be critical, supportive or merely observant.

Gladstone was a polymath with interests ranging widely across religion, history, social justice and politics from Classical times to what was then contemporary culture.

The scope of these four residencies is equally wide and we welcome fiction and non-fiction writers.

Gladstone read on average five books a week so you can be sure that the Library has something to offer you.

The connections he made between the various disciplines he delved into helped shape his particular form of liberalism.

Gladstone's Library is unique – it is the only residential library in the United Kingdom.

It provides a meeting place dedicated to dialogue, debate and learning for open-minded individuals and groups who are looking to explore pressing questions and to pursue study and research in an age of distraction and easy solutions.

All are welcome at the Library regardless of gender, race, class, sexual orientation or religious affiliation.

The Writer-in-Residence is expected to be at ease with this inclusive ethos.

Four places will be awarded.

The dates of the tenures are February, May, September and November 2016.

Each residency includes:
  • Accommodation in an en-suite room for a period of four consecutive weeks;
  • All meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner); morning coffee and afternoon tea (telephone calls or alcoholic drinks are not included);
  • Travel expenses to and from the Library at the start and end of the residency (HMRC mileage allowance or standard bus/train fares within the UK);
  • An honorarium of £100.00 per week.

Each winning author must:
  • Attend the official London prizewinning ceremony on Monday 12th October 2015;
  • Participate, where possible, in any other publicity events held before or after their residency;
  • Respond to media/press enquiries as appropriate and by prior agreement with the library’s warden, Peter Francis;
  • Submit two blog posts to the Gladstone’s Library website;
  • Lead a creative writing workshop to not more than twenty participants;
  • Give an evening talk about any aspect of their writing and/or creative life;
  • Abide by the normal terms and conditions for guests staying at Gladstone’s Library.

Terms and Conditions:
  1. Entrants must submit a one page CV/biography, a copy of the book they would like the judges to consider, a 250 word statement about their take on (re)defining ‘liberal values’ and 250 words on the work that they plan to do at the Library as well as their idea for an evening event and day workshop. Submissions should be sent to Louisa Yates, Director of Collections and Research, Gladstone’s Library, Church Lane, Hawarden, Flintshire CH5 3DF. Submissions are welcome from anywhere in the world but please note that travel expenses are only covered within the UK and Ireland. 
  2. Prose fiction and non-fiction, poetry, screenplays and drama are all eligible for submission. Submitted texts must have been published in the last three years. We accept manuscript submissions accompanied by evidence of a contract and publishing schedule. Academic monographs are not eligible for Writer-in-Residence and should be submitted to the Library’s scholarship programme. As well as standard publication routes, we accept e-published texts. We do not accept self-published authors of any kind. No correspondence can be entered into. Entry is free and limited to one entry per author. You cannot enter under a pseudonym. Winners will be notified by the end of September and invited to a launch event at the National Liberal Club on Monday 12th October. Winners agree to take part in publicity activity and abide by Library rules during tenure.
  3. Situated just six miles from Chester, Gladstone’s Library is Britain’s only Prime Ministerial library and the national memorial to William Ewart Gladstone. It is home to a unique collection of more than 250,000 printed items and offers a comfortable, sociable and stimulating environment together with resources for creative study including renowned collections of theological, historical, cultural and political materials. For more information about the Library, please visit the Library’s website:www.gladstoneslibrary.org

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YouthPLAYS seeks plays and musicals

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YouthPLAYS seeks exciting, entertaining and challenging plays and musicals for young actors and/or audiences for publication! Founded by playwrights Jonathan Dorf and Ed Shockley, we currently represent over 150 authors and publish scripts for teen and pre-teen actors, as well as works for professional theatre for young audiences performed by adults. Our mission is to showcase material that has at least some significant teen or younger characters and/or that is of strong youth interest.

Of particular interest are one-act plays for high/middle school festivals and competition (30-35 minutes maximum, comedies very welcome), adaptations and parodies of well-known titles, plays that address teen issues in innovative and theatrical ways (episodic and vignette-style structures welcome), multicultural (and especially bilingual) plays and short plays for teen/pre-teen performers for classroom and competitive use—but we are open to any well written scripts that are appropriate for our market. For shows geared toward young performers, large (or very large) or flexible casts and a preponderance of female roles are a major plus. We recommend visiting our website and getting better acquainted with us before submitting. Scripts should be submitted directly through the site at http://youthplays.com/submit_play.php.

MONSTERS ON STAGE A Call for Monologues and Short Plays

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Monsters on stage provide a unique dramatic perspective on what it means to be human in the 21st century, either through relationship, revelation, contrast or cataclysm. The thematic possibilities are endless: transformation, identity, in- or exclusion, survival, love, terror and more. We’re looking for pieces that dig deep into the human need - conscious and unconscious, psychological and neurological - for monsters across time and cultures.

As Prospero says of Caliban in The Tempest: “This thing of Darkness I acknowledge mine.”

Publication: An anthology of monologues, short plays and essays will be published. Authors whose writings are selected for this anthology will receive a publication contract.

Production: In addition to publication, several monologues and short plays will be selected for production at Transylvania University (perfect, right?) in the fall of 2015. Opportunities for prosthetic makeup for characters are encouraged. Playwrights whose works are selected will receive a production contract.

Playwrights at any level of their studies or careers are invited to submit original 3-to-5 minute monologues and short plays as Word documents to mdixon@transy.edu.

For further information:

Contact Michael Bigelow Dixon, Assistant Professor, Theater,
Transylvania University, 300 N. Broadway, Lexington, KY 40502; mdixon@transy.edu

Submissions will be accepted until June 1, 2015.

27th Annual JETFest

web site

$15 non-refundable submission fee.
This fee will be waived for members of the Dramatists Guild. 
How to join the Dramatists Guild

For those submitting digitally – the $15 fee cannot be waived, and may be mailed separately or processed by contacting the theatre.

Entry must be a full length original work or adaptation with a minimum running time of 85 minutes that has not been published prior to the festival in 2016. Cast size of 7 or less is preferred. Staged readings/workshop productions are not disqualifying factors.

Submissions will be accepted January 1 through June 30, 2015 (checked by postmark or time stamp).

Submit a blind copy of your script, securely bound, typed in standard play format, with pages numbered. Include a list of characters/descriptions, scene breakdown, and a brief synopsis of your play. Your script(s) should be accompanied by a cover letter, including playwright contact information (name, address, phone number, e-mail address) and resume. Musicals must include a demo CD. If applicable, also submit a photocopy of your Dramatists Guild membership card.

The acceptable electronic format is an Adobe PDF file.

Please note that entries that do not comply with our guidelines will not be accepted. If you would like your script returned, please include a SASE. Script evaluations will not be provided.

The playwright gives the Jewish Ensemble Theatre permission to photocopy scripts for reading/ production purposes. Should your script be selected as one of the 4 finalists, you are encouraged to attend the two readings and talkbacks.

The four finalists award the Jewish Ensemble Theatre the option to produce any of the finalist plays as part of its main stage season. Finalists must acknowledge the Jewish Ensemble Theatre if/when script is published.

Each of the four finalists will receive a $500 honorarium. No other expenses will be paid.

Each entry is guaranteed a minimum of 2 evaluations. The committee narrows down the entries to 15 – 20, which are then read by the entire committee who selects the 4 finalists.

Finalists will be notified no later than December, 2015.

Mail: Jewish Ensemble Theatre
Jet Fest
6600 West Maple Rd.,
West Bloomfield, MI 48322.

Email: c.bremer@jettheatre.org

Christopher Bremer, Executive Director

The Playwright/Submitter agrees (by submission) to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless the Jewish Ensemble Theatre, its Adjudicators, Board of Directors and volunteers from any and all damages, liability, and claims, arising from the submission, production or elimination/disqualification of their submitted work.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

2015 Met Life Nuestras Voces National Playwriting Competition

web site

Online submissions now being accepted for FULL LENGTH LATINO STAGE PLAYS  (In Spanish or English or both!)

Time stamped Deadline:  Monday, June 1, 2015.  (Time stamped)

MISSION:  Since 2000 MetLife Foundation and Repertorio Español joined forces to establish The MetLife Nuestras Voces National Playwriting Competition! It has been our privilege to promote and develop original works that relate to Latino culture, history and life in the United States while at the same time reflecting the universality of the human condition and encourage bright new talent by providing this forum.  


Plays that do not meet these requirements will not be considered. Playwrights may be Latino or of any other ethnic or racial background as long as the play’s subject matter and characters resonate with Latino audiences and accurately depict the Hispanic experience. 
  • No screenplays, one act plays, musicals, adaptations or translations will be accepted. 
  • New and un-produced plays preferred. 
  • Plays that have had readings or a workshop production are acceptable. 
  • All plays must be original and full-length (minimum running time: 1 hr., 30 min) and can be written in Spanish and/or English. 
  • Playwrights must be at least 18 years of age and residents of the United States or Puerto Rico. 
  • Previously submitted scripts are accepted unless they have already placed in the top 10. 
  •  Each script will be read by two qualified independent judges selected by Repertorio Español, on a blind submission. 
  • Winners will be announced six to seven months after the deadline. o Each participant will be notified of the results by e-mail. 

We request that participants do not contact the office to inquire about the competition’s results. 

Round 1: Finalists will receive a staged reading at Repertorio to further develop the script. 

Round 2: -Grand Prize Winner: $3,000 and a full production at Repertorio Español 

-2nd Place: $2,000 -3rd Place: $1,000 Grand Prize Winner must be available for Awards Ceremony

Follow instructions below to participate. 

Send the following information within the body of the e-mail: 
  • Your full name 
  • Your cell phone number 
  • Your mailing address (street address, city, state, zipcode) 
  • How did you hear about the competition? 
  • 4-6 line synopsis 
  • 4 -6 line description of how your play relates to the Latino / Hispanic American community 

Unfortunately, we cannot accept any changes or re-submissions once the script has been submitted. 

Send the following as an attachment: 

One ELECTRONIC COPY of your script -- in one document with numbered pages and a title page that lists the title and year the play was written ONLY. (PDF, Microsoft Word, Plain or Rich Text Formats Accepted) 

Please OMIT your name from the script 

Do not send other biographical information or reviews Unfortunately, we cannot accept any changes or re-submissions once the script has been submitted. 

By submitting your play to the competition, Repertorio Español shall have a right to produce the play for a period of two years. Such production shall be done in accordance with an agreement acceptable to both the playwright and Repertorio Español. 

If the playwright receives an offer within the two year period from a third party to produce the play, the company has the right to decide to produce the play on terms no less favorable than offered. 

Please direct any questions regarding this competition/application to nuestrasvoces@repertorio.org.

Santa Fe Performing Arts Playwright's Competition

web site
Santa Fe Performing Arts Playwright's Competition was developed to support American Playwrights. The competition is not merely a competition of words, but a venue for recognition and a demonstration of appreciation - truly a celebration of the writer's contribution. SFPA and many other theatre companies around the country with similar programs, support playwrights and ensure the future of American Theatre. Without the writers, the actors would have nothing to say.

Submissions are limited to unproduced new American plays and must be postmarked by the first of September of each year. 

Send play synopsis and character break-down via email office@sfperformingarts.org

or mail to: Santa Fe Performing Arts P.O. Box 22372 Santa Fe, N.M. 87502. 

Full scripts upon request only.

New York New Works Festival Now Accepting Submissions

web site

NYNW is a play competition in which the audience and the NYNW Panel of elite Broadway Producers, Emmy award winners and leading industry professionals cast their votes with the audience to select the best play of the season. Plays move from the 1st Round to the Semi-Finals and then to the Finals.

  • The playwright of the winning play, contingent upon abiding by the festival rules, receives $500.00 and the opportunity to have their play aired on a local media outlet.
  • NYNW (Aug. & Sept. 2015) is seeking NEW one act or short works plays for our 2015 New York New Works Theatre Festival. We are searching for engaging new work that is commercially viable. NYNW is a showcase for comedies, musicals, and dramas told with an original voice and compelling storytelling.
  • Two to three plays from each evening will be selected to go on to the semi-final rounds.
  • Five to six plays from the semi-final rounds will be selected to continue to the final round.
  • All projects should have a beginning, middle, and an end (no excerpts without a full story). NYNW will not consider submissions over 30 minutes in length.
  • Playwrights may submit up to two plays per year for consideration.
  • NYNW welcomes, plays, musicals, and solo shows.
  • There is no submission fee.
Email submissions to: erin@goodpeoplemgmt.com


Friday, May 22, 2015

Call for Submissions UNFringed Festival

web site

Applications May 22nd to June 26th

Festival runs Aug. 19th to Sept. 6th

Ticket Split for All Shows

$500 prize for Show with Highest Votes!

In the summer of 2013, The First Annual UNFringed Festival brought bold and daring new works to The Secret Theatre of Long Island City, Queens – named “One of NYC’S best theater spots” by Time Out. Now, in August 2015, UNFringed returns with new original shows!

UNFringed seeks new and exciting works that challenge audiences, facilitating lively discussion and interaction between artists and viewers. Talk to us in your cover letter. Tell us why you want to be a part of UNFringed, and how your work will benefit from being involved.

UNFringed handles all aspects of ticketing and box office. Full priced tickets are $15 in advance, and $18 at the door.

Based on audience votes, a winning show will be declared and win a prize purse of $500!

Submit Here

BMI Librettists Workshop

web site

The Workshop’s goal is to develop the skills unique to musical theatre bookwriters through round-table presentations and critiques of its members’s ongoing musical theatre scriptwriting projects. Current and past musicals are analyzed and discussed – the successes as well as the failures. Librettists are encouraged to team with BMI Workshop composers and lyricists for actual collaboration on new musicals. The Workshop is moderated by veteran Broadway and Off-Broadway literary manager Nancy Golladay.

Accomplished writers in all genres are invited to submit excerpts from works published, produced or in progress. Samples from any medium, dialogue or narrative, are allowed; but at least 10 pages of the material must be in dramatic script form. Submissions must also include at least one sample of comedy writing, and theatrical scenes in this genre are preferred to stand-up or sketch comedy. The Workshop meets Monday evenings in New York City from September through May. Prospective members must make their own living arrangements in the city or be able to commute weekly. The Workshop does not charge membership or application fees.

The application form can be downloaded here. Electronic submissions are preferred, though information for applying via snail-mail can also be found on the application. Application materials such as bios and script samples can be sent as .pdf or .doc files to librettistworkshop@bmi.com. Writers should be sure that your first initial and last name appear on each page of your support materials.

The 2015 application deadline for the Librettist Workshop is June 1.

The 5th annual NEWvember New Plays Festival

web site

The 5th annual
NEWvember New Plays Festival
Thursday 5th to Sunday 8th November 2015

Inaugurated in 2011 as a co-production of Tangent Theatre Company and AboutFACE Ireland, NEWvember is a festival of rehearsed readings of new plays that takes place over four days at the Carpenter Shop Theatre in the historic village of Tivoli in upstate New York.

We are now pleased to invite submissions of new plays for the 2015 NEWvember festival:

– submitted plays should be previously unproduced (we will consider plays that have had readings before but are still in development)
– plays cannot have previously been submitted to the NEWvember Festival
– plays should have a cast size of 2-8
– plays should have a running time of 30 to 120 minutes
– we will only accept one submission per writer
– we ask that the writers of the chosen plays attend the reading of their play towards its further development and to be present for a post-reading Q&A with the audience. We will provide $50 towards travel for those traveling more than 50 miles, as well as local private housing accommodation in the Tivoli area
– there is no fee for submissions
– while we are open to all styles and subjects, our companies do have a preference for narrative and character driven stories

Please submit your play at www.NEWvemberfestival.com/submit
– via our online application form
you will be asked to include
– your play as a PDF (without the writer’s name, email or other identifying marks on any page throughout the script – to aid our blind reading process)
– the title page, listing the name of author, separately

The window for submissions opens Friday May 1st 2015.
The closing date for submissions is Monday June 15th 2015 (12 midnight EST).
This year, we will only consider the first 400 scripts submitted meeting these criteria.

Please note that these criteria will be applied strictly and any submissions made after the closing date or not following the submission guidelines will not be considered. In addition, our festival’s reading panel will not be able to provide feedback on specific plays or on the status of your application.

The writers of the plays that have been shortlisted will be contacted in early September and will be asked to send any updated version of their play, as this will be the final version considered and the version read at the festival if chosen.

The invited plays will be announced in October.

CASTING: Please note – the chosen plays will be read by an ensemble of actors, each performing roles in multiple plays in the festival. While we will endeavor to provide the best match of cast for each play that is read, in terms of characters’ listed ages/ethnicities, we also need to form an ensemble to best cover the entire range of the festival’s program. We appreciate our playwrights’ understanding of our ensemble-based casting.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

BMI Musical Theatre Workshop

web site

Composers and Lyricists

Each September a first-year group is formed. Applications are accepted until the August 1 deadline. All submissions are screened prior to auditions, which are normally scheduled the first Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday after Labor Day.

 Please send completed applications to:

Patrick Cook
7 World Trade Center
250 Greenwich Street
New York, NY 10007-0030

With your application, which you can download, please submit the following:

Composer: Three (3) contrasting compositions on CD - up-tempo, comedy song, ballad.

Lyricist: Three contrasting lyrics - up-tempo, comedy song, ballad.

Composer/Lyricist: Three (3) contrasting songs on CD - up-tempo, comedy song, ballad.

Please provide a short introductory set-up for each song or lyric.

At the auditions, composers must be prepared to perform at least two contrasting theatrical compositions; lyricists are expected to have copies available and to recite samples of their theatrical lyrics.

During the first year, composer and lyricists are paired off (writers may write both words and music) and are asked to create appropriate songs based on specific scenes from various plays, short stories and novels. The writers perform their assignments, and various approaches to the common assignments are discussed by members of the Workshop and the moderator. Every effort is made to insure that each writer retains his or her individual style. In addition, the writers study the requirements of the libretto, and analyze and discuss current and past musicals. The First Year culminates in the creation of a 10-minute musical.

In the Workshop’s final phase (Second Year), teams work on a musical. The Workshop functions as a forum and a sounding board for works in progress, as music and lyrics are critically evaluated and open dialogue is encouraged.

At the end of each Second Year, participants present excerpts from their musicals in progress, and the Workshop Committee determines which writers from that group will be invited to join the Advanced Workshop. Not everyone is asked. This Workshop is intended for writers of professional caliber who are expected to contribute to the vitality of the musical theatre scene.

The Workshops meet one afternoon a week for two hours, under the guidance of distinguished writers and directors. There are no restrictions on membership and no fees.

12 Peers Theater is accepting play submissions

web site

12 Peers Theater is accepting play submissions for a 2015 – 2016 New Play Podcast Series from April 10th – June 15th, 2015.

12 Peers Theater is accepting unsolicited submissions of new full-length plays to be recorded and released monthly on a podcast about and featuring new plays. In an effort to maximize exposure for playwrights and assist them in securing full productions, 12 Peers Theater will record and release readings of new plays to be aired on our 12 Peers Podcast throughout late 2015 and 2016.

We understand that there are many forms of theatrical storytelling, but here are a few guidelines that will help you determine if your play is right for us. We will not consider plays that have had a full production elsewhere. We will only accept full-length plays, no one-acts, collections of one-acts, or musicals. Due to recording limitations, plays should be able to be performed with no more than 6 actors (doubling permitted) As a company we are drawn to plays with themes of social and cultural identity, plays that are politically, socially, and ethically relevant, and plays with mythic themes. We are also drawn to plays with a clear sense of dramatic action, an excellent use of language, and a creative use of theatrical resources.

If you would like to submit please send your play, a brief synopsis, and a biography to Matt Henderson, 12 Peers Theater’s Literary Manager, at mhenderson@12peerstheater.org by June 15th, 2015.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Blue Monday Review

web site

Blue Monday Review is a triannual publication that draws inspiration from the works of Kurt Vonnegut. Vonnegut crafted great stories that celebrated truth and beauty while maintaining a sardonic wit that makes our hearts swell with bitterness and joy. If your work can stir up even a sliver of that feeling, we want to see it. We publish prose, poetry, visual art, and anything in between that highlights the peculiar while also being literarily excellent. Visit www.bluemondayreview.com/#!guidelines/c1enr for details! 

We also run the Storytime Challenge, a monthly audio/video contest. 

Thespis Theater Festival 2015

web site

Best Play $3,500

Submission deadline: July 1, 2015

Submission Rules

How to Submit your work to the Thespis Festival
In order to submit a play please send the following via email:
1. A short synopsis of the play and the Production history
2. The complete script and character breakdown
3. Your telephone number and home address,
4. Your bio.
All genres of shows are welcome to submit to our festivals. Musicals need to attach at least 3 tracks with their submission
Shows that have already been staged can also participate as long as the run was
BEFORE 2014 and will participate with AN ENTIRELY NEW CAST AND CREW.

As soon as your play is accepted, you will be sent the festival guidelines.

After all plays have had their performance run, the best 6 plays will be selected by the Thespis jury as nominees for the $3,500 prize of Best Play. Those 6 shows will be given a fourth performance.
That will be seen by judges, who are theater professionals invited by the Thespis team. Along with the judges, you are encouraged to invite audience members to attend your fourth performance.

In Addition to the Best Pay there will also be several nominations:
Best actress ($500 prize) Best Actor ($500),
Best Director ($500), Best Singer $500, Best Original play $200 and

Winners will be announced during a special prize ceremony at the end of the festival to which the cast and crew of all nominated productions will be invited.

All winners leave the prize ceremonywith their check in hand.

There is no fee to submit your play to the Thespis Festival. Once you are accepted:

Productions will be asked to send in a $200 participation fee if their plays are accepted.

Plays from every part of the US are accepted.

This festival has no hidden costs. Again, there is no submission fee. Only those plays that are accepted will be required to send a participant payment. Submissions will be accepted until July 1, 2015.

Contact us at thespistheaterfestival@gmail.com

All genres of shows are welcome in our festivals. If your show has already had a run (in theaters or in other festivals) you can still participate, but only with a completely new cast and crew.



Non Union and AEA accepted

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Thespian Production is seeking one-act plays and/or a puppet show

web site

Thespian Production is seeking one-act plays and/or a puppet show for its 2015 Limelight: Go Green" environmental awareness festival in NYC.

Plays should be between 10-15 minutes in length and have no more than four characters. 

Plays should strongly appeal to those who are in the 5 – 12 age group. 

We love producing new and unpublished works but do accept works already produced. 

Multiple submissions are accepted. Plays should have simple set requirements. Since we are a community theater, plays with vulgar language will not be accepted. 

Please include synopsis and contact information. 

Plays will be accepted through June 15, 2015.

NYMF Student Leadership Program

web site

Submit your original song to be featured in the 2015 New York Musical Theatre Festival.

The NYMF Student Leadership Program (SLP) Presents: BEYOND WORDS, a concert of original, student-written musical theatre. BEYOND WORDS celebrates the intangible power of musical theatre to express what words alone cannot say. When speaking will no longer suffice, we are moved to sing, and the inhibitions of the real world fade away. BEYOND WORDS is a transcending showcase of original musical theatre, where music gives life to what can only be expressed through the freedom of song.

The concert will be performed on July 18th and 19th as part of the New York Musical Theatre Festival lineup. Open to undergraduate and graduate students of the class of 2014 or later. To submit a song (or songs), please submit this form by FRIDAY, MAY 29th: tinyurl.com/nymfsubmit2015

Please submit both a recording of the song and sheet music. Recordings can be audio or video. If your materials are not available by link, please e-mail them as an attachment in addition to filling out the form to slp@NYMF.org. If you would like to submit multiple songs, please fill out one form per song.

Feel free to reach out to slp@NYMF.org if you have any questions.

The Relentless Award, established in honor of Philip Seymour Hoffman

web site

The Relentless Award, established in honor of Philip Seymour Hoffman and his pursuit of truth in the theater, is the largest annual cash prize in American theater awarded to a playwright in recognition of a new play.

What we are looking for:
  • Plays that are challenging.
  • Plays that exhibit fearlessness.
  • Plays that are not mainstream.
  • Plays that exude passion.
  • Plays that are relentlessly truthful
The American Playwriting Foundation encourages submissions by first time playwrights, women and playwrights of color.

  • The author of the Relentless Award-winning play will receive $45,000.
  • The winning playwright will have the option to have the winning play published by the Dramatists Play Service.
  • The winning playwright will have a week-long residency at SPACE on Ryder Farm, an artist residency program housed on a working organic farm in Brewster, New York. The author can elect to have a director, a dramaturg and actors join him or her while in residence on the farm.
  • The selected play will have a national roll-out through the Ed Vassallo Relentless Reading Series, established to help bring to life and develop the winning play by presenting a series of staged readings at some of the top theaters across the United States.
  • When the winning play is selected, three runners-up will also be named.


Submissions will be accepted up until midnight of July 10, 2015. The winner and three finalists will be announced on October 2, 2015.

Eligibility/Criteria for Submission:
  • Any unproduced play written by a United States citizen is eligible for The Relentless Award.
  • Each play must be submitted with a letter from a theater professional recommending the play. “Theater Professional” is defined as anyone who has worked in theater in any artistic capacity for a minimum of four years.
  • Plays with a producer, producing organization or theater attached are not eligible.
  • As much as we love them, one-act plays, musicals and plays for children are not eligible.
  • The author must be at least 21 years old.
How to submit your play:
  • Use the form to submit your play and accompanying letter of recommendation to The American Playwriting Foundation.
  • Please do not have your name or other identifying info (email/phone number) on any of your manuscript pages. This will preserve the author's anonymity for the judges.
  • We prefer to receive your files as pdfs (rather than Word documents).
  • You will receive a confirmation email after we receive your files.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Scary Theater Festival

web site

Nightmare New York announces Nightmare Horror Show: New York's Only Scary Theater Festival

After 12 years of producing the city's oldest, largest and most horrifying Haunted House for Halloween, the Nightmare creators are going back to their theatrical roots and are producing the city's only horror theater festival. In addition to the works being presented by the artistic team of the haunted house, they are looking for a select few of the creepiest, most terrifying additional works to be a part of the oeuvre for the 4 week festival taking place at the same venue that the haunted house has been staged for the past 12 years (The Clemente in the lower east side). Nightmare entertains tens of thousands of patrons each year, and if selected your piece will be a part of a very visible and highly attended Halloween happening.

- Work approximately 30 minutes
- must be scary
- Must be NYC premieres, preferably US premieres.
- The production costs for your show are your own. You will be provided the space, general lighting and sound packages, a base set to work from, as well as a run crew (you can add to it) and promotion.
- no application or festival fee - all box offices is split 50/50
- 4 week run, no less than 3 performance dates a week
- You will be coupled with 2 other works on the same bill
- You will have appropriate tech time

To Apply:
email: contact@hauntedhousenyc.com no later than July 1st the following:
- script
- all resumes and bios associated with the show
- any press from past productions
- Artistic Statement
- Director concepts
- images if they exist
- video links to past productions
- anything else that would demonstrate the quality of the work.

This is a highly competitive application process. Very few works will be excepted. Nightmare is the most lauded horror attraction in NYC, and with it comes a certain cachet. It must fit the ethos and level of quality that is already being brought to the table. We know the most terrifying ghost story has yet to be told on stage for a live audience...perhaps it is your work that will do just that!

NEXT ACT! Play Submissons

web site

Submissions are now being accepted for Capital Repertory Theatre’s Fourth Annual NEXT ACT! New Play Summit.

Accepting full length plays only.
Multi-cultural and ethnically diverse pieces encouraged.
Comedy and Drama welcome!

Now in its fourth year, the weekend long NEXT ACT! New Play Summit 4 is designed to complement the Upper Hudson Valley’s rich diverse populations. The festival directly reflects the theatre’s mission, “to create meaningful theatre generated from an authentic link to the community.” NEXT ACT! takes place October 31 - November 2, 2015 and will feature readings of four never-before produced plays, with additional special events throughout the weekend.

As in years past, the theatre is devoted to finding a play that can be produced in an upcoming season. Evidence of this devotion can be found in theREP’s 2014 production of THE GOD GAME by Suzanne Bradbeer, the 2015 production of HOW WATER BEHAVES by Sherry Kramer, and next season’s production of NAKED INFLUENCE by Suzanne Bradbeer, all of which started at NEXT ACT!.


-Plays cannot have been previously produced, though previous readings are allowed.

-No more than 7 characters. Please do not submit works in which actors play multiple roles, unless it is a device used to illuminate generations.

-Plays previously submitted to NEXT ACT! will not be considered for this years’ Summit.

-Agent and non-agent submissions accepted.

Submission Deadline: END OF DAY – Monday June 1, 2015


-Playwrights should submit a short one-paragraph synopsis that illuminates the plays entire plot including its ending; character descriptions and the first 10 pages (only) of their play, along with a photo/resume and bio.

-Email your submission to Margaret E. Hall, assistant to the artistic director, at nextact@capitalrep.org with 2015 SUBMISSION in the subject line.

-A small stipend and limited travel available for playwrights selected.

-Electronic submissions preferred.


-Playwrights selected for the Summit will be notified by the end of August.

-Three plays will be selected to have readings (with an eye towards a potential future production) during the annual 3-day Summit, which takes place October 31 – November 2, 2015.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Lama Theater Company’s Monthly Question

web site

The Monthly Question. June 2015

We are now accepting submissions for Lama Theater Company’s Monthly Question! The Monthly Question is a reading series of new and bold writing (short plays/ Monologues/ poems/ Songs) around Lama’s monthly question that will be performed at Dixon Place Lounge, NYC.

Our Mission: Lama means WHY in Hebrew. The Lama Theater Company is a writer/director-driven company that continually raises questions and fearlessly searches for artistic exploration.

Important dates:

June 1st - playwrights/poets/song writers submission deadline!
June 3rd - announcement of chosen works.
June 9th - performance night at 9:30pm.

Casting on the spot at 9pm, show at 9:30pm. Location: Dixon Place, 161 Chrystie St, NYC.


Scripts must be related to our monthly question.

It’s summer time; everyone’s getting rid of their clothes…so… our June question is:

Why monogamy? Is monogamy desirable? Is monogamy sustainable?

What inspires you when you read the question? We are interested in what you are thinking about and how the question might affect the work you do. Gather whatever inspiration the questions give you, and use it to fuel your chosen discipline. The questions are open to many interpretations!

When you submit please keep in mind that Lama encourage artistic exploration, provoking and risk-taking writing.

Short plays are limited to 10 pages or less (we find less is better) in standard playwriting formats.

Poems/ Monologues are limited to 2 pages.

Song samples should be mp3 and no more than 3 minutes.

Only submissions by electronic attachment will be accepted, Microsoft Word document or PDF.

Playwrights can be from anywhere, but plays must be in English.

Submit a BLIND copy of your script and include a list of characters/descriptions.

E-mail your Script/Song/Poem to: lamatheatercompany@gmail.com

The subject line should include the title of the play.

Please fill your contact info and the name of your play at our website: http://www.lamatheatercompany.com/

Any Questions about Lama's monthly question? Please email us lamatheatercompany@gmail.com and we’ll help you out!

For updates check our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/lamatheatercompany?ref=br_tf

New Play-Reading Festival

web site

This project is open to any unpublished and unproduced TYA scripts.

The New Play-Reading Festival is a wonderful opportunity for artists to have their unpublished works presented before an audience, in a play-reading scenario on two separate occasions during our 2015/2016 season.

Four scripts will be chosen to be featured in this festival. The initial play readings will take place November 13th through 15th. The second set of readings will take place February 26th through 28th. After each reading, there will be a dialogue among the audience, performers and playwright. After the 2nd round of readings, one of the four scripts will then be selected to be presented as part of The Growing Stage Theatre’s 2015/2016 Season!!!

The Growing Stage Theatre is committed to creating and presenting professional theatre for young people and their families and to provide them with the unique and affordable opportunity to share a fun, culturally significant moment in an intimate and special venue, The Historic Palace Theatre. Young people are also given the opportunity to grow as performers by working alongside professional actors as part of the theatre learning experience. Shows usually require a minimum of 4 characters/performers; there is no maximum, provided that if necessary, doubling is OK with the playwright.

Please send script submissions for the New Play-Reading Festival along with a brief synopsis by July 1, 2015 to the head of the festival, Steve Graham: newplays@growingstage.com

Or to:
The Growing Stage Theatre
New Play-Reading Festival
Attn: Steve Graham
P.O. Box 36
Netcong, NJ 07857

If your script submission is an adaptation, we do ask that you also please include proof that you have permission from the author to adapt their work.

If you would like to learn more about the mission of The Growing Stage Theatre, please visit:

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Crazytownblog, the voice of Bohemia, is looking for new voices

web site

Crazytownblog, the voice of Bohemia, is looking for new voices to express their opinions about life, love, culture, art, politics, philosophy, music, theatre, and anything else that you can possibly think of for their weekly blog.

We are currently looking for writers that can make a 12 week Summer commitment writing one post a week. Blogs can be about anything, but writers are highly encouraged to share their new work.

Writing a novel?

Write it on crazytownblog! Write a serialized version in weekly installments. 

Or maybe you can take the #52songs challenge and post a brand new song or poem each week.

Are you producing a show? Talk about the many steps involved in creating your new work from page to production, or just write about things that matter to you.

You'll be joining a small community of other up-and-coming artists in New York that has included Ryan Scott Oliver (Jasper In Deadland), Gregory Jacobs Roseman (Save The Date), Julia Meinwald (Pregnancy Pact), David Davila (Manuel Vs the Statue of Liberty), Leah Bonnema (Huff Post's Top Ten Commedians), Alex Brightman (Make Me Bad), Kimberly Lew (Other People's Children), Owen Panetierre (Vestments of the Gods), Isaac Oliver (Intimacy Idiot), Brett Ryback (Murder for Two), as well as photographers, directors, actors, singers, dancers, non-fiction writers, and pop-culture commentators.

What are you waiting for?

Share your thoughts with an audience of people who care about new work in New York City.

Send a bio, picture (for the website), and a 250-500 word sample blog to crazytownblog@gmail.com by May 29, 2015. If you have an idea for an on-going series or a serialized play or novel, please send a proposal of that as well.



web site

Each December, WildClaw produces the DEATHSCRIBE Festival of Horror Radio Plays. DEATHSCRIBE is an open submission, international festival and writing competition. Writers may submit up to two radio plays to DEATHSCRIBE in any given year.

DEATHSCRIBE 2015 will take place on December 7, 2015.

Submissions are now OPEN.

Submissions of radio horror plays for consideration in DEATHSCRIBE should be sent to deathscribe2015@gmail.com. Please take a moment to read the guidelines posted below before submitting.

Deadline: August 1, 2015 at midnight

Each year we seek 10-minute radio scripts that are genuinely scary, imaginative, chilling, intelligent, suspenseful, horrific or downright grotesque. We put no restrictions on contestants as to content or tone, but keep in mind that we are a Horror Theatre. We take our horror seriously, and so should you.

5 scripts will be selected from all submissions. After being selected, there will be an opportunity for the authors to refine and revise these scripts (if deemed necessary) in collaboration with WildClaw Theatre Company. There will be a “Best of the Fest” award, with the winner chosen by a celebrity panel of judges on the night of performance to receive the coveted Bloody Axe Award. Previous winners include:

2008: “Dark & Stormy” by Albert Gerber
2009: “Remembrance” by Christopher Hainsworth
2010: “The Change in Buckett County” by David Schmidt
2011: “Alabama Mermaid” by Jessica Wright Buha
2012: “Fish Story” by Joseph Zettelmaier
2013: “We Apologize for the Inconvenience” by Chelsea Paice
2014: “Fracture Zone” by Christopher M. Walsh

All submissions must be made electronically; please make sure your script is formatted correctly according to the guidelines (see below) and submit your script as an attachment to deathscribe2015@gmail.com. Please include the title of your play in the subject line.

Deathscribe selections are “blind.” The title page should include the title of the script, names of all authors, and the address, phone and email address of the author(s). The subsequent pages must include only the manuscript title and page number and NO identifying personal information (name, address, email, etc.) or it will be disqualified.

Scripts must be ready to produce – all sound and music cues included. Details on format can be found below. Please do not submit a traditional stageplay with the instruction that “if we like it, you will be willing to adapt it.” Scripts must already be in radio format to be eligible.

Please be aware that these scripts, if chosen, will be performed by no more than 6 actors, therefore scripts with more characters will require double casting by the director of the piece.

• Scripts must be no more than TEN MINUTES in length. (Generally speaking, a 10-minute radio play is NO LONGER than 15 pages.)
• Writers may submit up to two (2) scripts for Deathscribe consideration in any year. There is no fee to submit to Deathscribe.
• PDF format is strongly preferred. If PDF is not possible, then only MS Word please. All scripts must have a title page with all contact information, but no identifying information should appear anywhere else in the document. Submissions must be in a standard font and no less than 12 point.
• NO SCREENPLAYS. SCREENPLAYS WILL BE DISCARDED. WE KNOW THEM WHEN WE SEE THEM. (Nothing against screenplays. But this is a radio play festival.)
• DO NOT submit full-length plays for consideration in Deathscribe. They will be discarded. If you wish to submit a full-length horror play to WildClaw, see our general submission guidelines.
• Scripts should follow radio drama format. Helpful suggestions and examples are available here:


(these resources not affiliated with the WildClaw Deathscribe Radio Play Festival).

Questions? Email them to Scott at wildclawliterary@gmail.com


12 Peers Theater is accepting play submissions

web site

12 Peers Theater is accepting play submissions for a 2015 – 2016 New Play Podcast Series from April 10th – June 15th, 2015.

12 Peers Theater is accepting unsolicited submissions of new full-length plays to be recorded and released monthly on a podcast about and featuring new plays.  In an effort to maximize exposure for playwrights and assist them in securing full productions, 12 Peers Theater will record and release readings of new plays to be aired on our 12 Peers Podcast throughout late 2015 and 2016.

We understand that there are many forms of theatrical storytelling, but here are a few guidelines that will help you determine if your play is right for us.  We will not consider plays that have had a full production elsewhere.  

We will only accept full-length plays, no one-acts, collections of one-acts, or musicals.  

Due to recording limitations, plays should be able to be performed with no more than 6 actors (doubling permitted)  As a company we are drawn to plays with themes of social and cultural identity, plays that are politically, socially, and ethically relevant, and plays with mythic themes. We are also drawn to plays with a clear sense of dramatic action, an excellent use of language, and a creative use of theatrical resources.

If you would like to submit please send your play, a brief synopsis, and a biography to Matt Henderson, 12 Peers Theater’s Literary Manager, at mhenderson@12peerstheater.org by June 15th, 2015.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Overtime Theater Call for Submissions 2016

web site

Devoted solely to producing new and original work, we are particularly interested in bold and innovative plays that are challenging and entertaining.

We are seeking unproduced original work, adaptations of films and novels, translations and adaptations of classic works, musicals, comedies, tragedies, melodramas, kitchen sink musical comedies, operas, light operas, operettas, soft rock operas, heavy metal boulevard farces and many other forms hitherto unknown.

If you can imagine it, then we will make it happen.

We are open to any genre, with a special emphasis on genres that are often neglected in theatre such as science fiction, adventure, superhero epics and cross-genre works, immersive environmental plays, or pieces that are truly uncategorizable.

While we are looking to nurture and develop local artists we are also open to giving voice to artists across Texas and to other artists national and international.

We are, in short, looking for exciting plays that will move the audience of today and perhaps be a beacon to audiences of the future.

Located between the Pearl Brewery complex and the San Antonio Museum of Art, the Overtime has been voted the favorite theater of readers of the San Antonio Current for six years in a row. The Overtime is home to two performing spaces, one of which is small while the other is quite cozy.


Currently we do not have a stipend for playwrights.

Writers, directors, cast and crew are all compensated through an equal share of audience contributions and other donations to the “love bucket” which is divided at the end of a production’s run. Artistic staff and the board of the Overtime are all volunteers.

This is not an ideal situation, and it is hardly reflective of the value we believe art should have, but it is as fair and democratic a way we have of ensuring the survival of a theater for the people and by the people.

Please submit your plays in PDF format.

We will accept full-length plays, “one-acts” and even shorter works that may be combined with other authors’ works for a full program.

We will even consider cycles of plays or anything else you can come up with.

We will accept submissions for serial pieces with the following requirements.

1. A completed pilot episode.

2. A series bible that defines characters and story arcs and an outline of the total run of the series.
3. A detailed synopsis for each of the following episodes.
4. An outline of the plan for scheduled completion of the serial season.
Movement Based Pieces/Improvisational pieces/Devised Pieces

We will consider forms of performance that are not “traditional” plays.

For these we will consider them in several forms.

1. For choreographic pieces (dance, ballet, etc.) we will consider pieces with a descriptive text.

2. If the artist is proposing to direct/perform then we will also like to see a sample of previous work and a full CV in addition to a descriptive synopsis of the piece.
3. For improvisational/devised pieces we will consider them based on a descriptive concept statement along with a full account of the process by which the proposed piece will be created.
Other Proposals

In addition to the above we will consider other options for a play or performance that is not covered here. Please contact us with your proposals.

Again, if you can imagine it, then we will consider it.
How to Submit

In an effort to be ecologically responsible, the Overtime Theater accepts scripts with all materials (PDF format preferred) in one email to submissions@theovertimetheater.org.


web site

The Ophelia Theatre Group is requesting submissions for their first annual OPHELIA’S NEW PLAY FESTIVAL in Astoria, NY. In an effort to bring more art to our incredible community, we are launching this competition for one acts shows. 6 Plays will be selected to be performed three times in late September/early October, followed by a gala in which a winner will be chosen by a panel of judges.

The winner gets a workshop production of his choosing the following year.

This is a great opportunity for playwrights to work with driven peers and get their names out there! 

Submission Guidelines:

*25 to 60 minute plays. 

*If your play is picked, you are responsible for the production of the play. We will help with marketing, and if we can, rehearsal space.

*This is not only for New York residents, if you are able to produce the show in NYC, SUBMIT!

*Include name, email, phone number, and title on the cover page.

*Play must be received on or before June 15, 2015 to Opheliasnewwork@gmail.com

*Limited to one submission per playwright.

The shows will be chosen by a group of readers, with the selected 6 finalists to be announced July 1st. 

Thursday, May 14, 2015

The Northern Writers' Project

web site

The Northern Writers' Project is a week-long playwriting intensive where four plays are workshopped with the playwrights, directors, actors and audience. There will be a full week of rehearsal for each play leading to two public readings of each play with talkbacks after each reading. The Project will give playwrights a chance to develop their plays more thoroughly while showcasing their talent. Playwrights from all over the country are welcome to submit.

The 2015 Northern Writers' Project will be held August 31-September 6.

For script consideration, please see below. The deadline to submit plays is July 1, 2015.

Please send the following to Suzi Regan via email at pnet.suzi@gmail.com or by post to 120 E. Huron St, Ann Arbor, MI 48104:

- Playwright contact info and bio
- One-paragraph synopsis
- Full script

*Plays with small casts of one to four people are ideal, but all cast sizes will be considered.

Panowski Playwriting Competition 2015

web site

Panowski Playwriting Competition Rules

1. There is a broad theme selected each year for the competition that entries for that year must adhere to. There is no restriction to style.

1.2 2015 Theme: For our 2015 competition, we are looking for a comedy that features college-age characters as the majority of the cast.

2. The competition is open to any playwright, but only one play per playwright may be entered per biennium.

3. Entries must be original, full-length plays or musicals. They also may be co-authored, based upon factual material or an adaptation. The applicant must be the owner and controller of the copyright. The legal clearance of materials not in the public domain is the full responsibility of the playwright.

4.One-act plays and works previously entered in playwriting competitions sponsored by Northern Michigan University are ineligible.

5. Submission is restricted to plays that have not been previously produced or published.

6. No revisions will be accepted once a script has been submitted.

7. No written or oral critique will be given on plays submitted.

8. Entries may be submitted starting July, 2014 and must be received no later than September 1, 2015 to be considered for the current theme. The winner will be announced in December. A staged reading/workshop will be scheduled for March or April 2016. The full production will be scheduled in the 2016-17 season, and may happen in any of our performance spaces.

9. Northern Michigan University reserves the right to accept or reject any play entered in the contest.

10. Scripts should be submitted electronically either in PDF or Microsoft Word format. They can be submitted through the website or via email to newplays@nmu.edu. If you have difficulty submitting through our online form, or would like to send your script as a PDF, please email your script to avalenti@nmu.edu. However, if your ONLY recourse is a paper script, then the script must be loose leaf bound in a 3-ring binder or with a binder clip. Scripts bound with staples are not acceptable. They must be either typewritten or word processed. Entries not meeting these criteria will be disqualified.

11. By submitting a paper copy of the script the playwright agrees to allow their work to be scanned into a PDF.

12. Paper scripts will not be returned. It is suggested that playwrights retain copies of their scripts.

Click Submission on the side navigation to submit your script.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

BoxFest Detroit annual festival

web site

BoxFest Detroit is an annual festival that showcases and creates opportunities for women directors!

Please submit your plays (5 - 55 minutes in length) by June 1st, 2015 to Kelly at kelly@boxfestdetroit.com.

For more information, visit our website at: www.boxfestdetroit.com

For questions regarding submissions, please contact Kelly at kelly@boxfestdetroit.com

STAGEStheatre seeks plays

web site

Submission Guidelines
The submission deadline for 2016 is June 1, 2015


We are getting an early start on our 2016 season! Please read the details below carefully for new changes for our season submission guidelines.

What is STAGEStheatre all about? 

STAGEStheatre has been in business for over 20 years, and is an entity that is consistently evolving to provide actors, directors, writers, designers, and artists with a creative environment that offers an eclectic and challenging variety of theatrical opportunities at all “stages” of the process. 

STAGEStheatre presents every form of theatrical literature, from the classics to world premieres. STAGEStheatre endeavors to merge each literary work with the highest production values and the most passionate performances possible.

Our season begins in January and runs all year to the end of December.

We will only consider show proposals submitted through these ways:
eMailed to: submissions@stagesoc.org
Or mailed to:
STAGEStheatre, attention: submissions
400 East Commonwealth Ave, Suite #4
Fullerton CA 92832

If you are local – you can always drop off your submission as well.

If you are a Director without a show to Direct:
If you are looking to direct at STAGEstheatre, and don’t have a particular script you are attached to, please send us your resume, any information you would like to include (what interests you), and we will set up an interview as soon as possible. Please email us at:submissions@stagesoc.org

If you are a Director with a show to Direct:
We are looking for shows that you are passionate about, excited to direct, and that you think are a good fit for STAGEStheatre to produce. Please read the details below carefully for our submission guidelines.

· Directors should submit 3-4 show options to help us shape the best season possible. This provides us flexibility, while still appealing to your needs. One submission limits options, and might mean we don’t get to work with you because the one show wasn’t available or wasn’t a good fit for the overall season.

· Please submit a full copy of the script you are interested in directing, with a brief synopsis of the storyline. Please note we are unable to return scripts.

· Let us know what your vision is for the production, and why you think this would be a good show for STAGEStheatre to produce. 

Provide production details, including set, lights, sound, costumes and any other major requirements to fulfill your vision for the shows you are submitting.

· If you are interested in a directing a Musical, please include information about your production team (Musical Director, Musicians, Choreographer).

· Always remember to include your resume, and contact information so we reach you.

If you are a Playwright:
  • Incomplete or unfinished scripts will not be considered. 
  • For completed original scripts: Please submit your show with a director attached to the project. Submissions with a director will take precedence, and may not be considered otherwise. 
  • Please provide your resume, and contact information so we can always get back to you
  • Please send us a perusal copy of your script, a brief description of the plot, and character breakdown. If the original piece is a musical, please include a CD of the score.
  • Has the piece been performed elsewhere? If so, a selection of reviews and/or production photos would be appreciated.

If you are a Designer (Sets, Lights, Sound, Costumes, and Properties):
Looking to get involved? Just not getting enough opportunities where you are?
Please submit your resume along with references. Include what types of productions you are most interested in designing (Comedies? Dramas? Musicals?) and when you are available in the year.

The deadline for submissions for our 2016 season is June 1st, 2015.

Briefs: A Festival of Short LGBT Plays

web site

It's that time of year again, and we are opening short play submissions for our fifth annual Briefs: A Festival of Short LGBT Plays, which will be held in Spring 2016 in St Louis, Missouri. The festival is well attended and received and usually gets excellent coverage.

We are looking for plays that are 8-12 minutes in length, have two to five characters and that can be done with simple staging/props (we only use cubes for the set and minimal props), and that are LGBT themed. You can read all about last year's festival on our website, at http://www.uppityco.com/briefs4.html.

In the past few years, we have gotten a lot of pieces about coming out and also on marriage equality. We would prefer to get pieces based around other concerns unless the piece is really special or offers a new perspective. LGBT characters or themes must be central to the piece, and we are especially interested in reading plays that explore the experiences of LGBT people of color, trans experience, youth and seniors. Comedy is a plus.

We worked with a dramaturg this year and it was a very successful addition to the festival, especially for work that has not yet been produced or that might have needed additional attention. Do let us know if you would be open to using his services if we suggest it.

Please do not send us pieces you have sent before as we keep previous submissions on file, if you are unsure, email Becky at becky_galambos@sbcglobal.net and ask before submitting.

Submit here (with user account set-up.)
Deadline for submission is June 15, 2015.

Please submit the following in the cover letter or attached- 100 word bio of the playwright, a short synopsis of your play, production history if applicable (or note that there is not one) and full contact info including email, home address, and cell phone, if there is another number you are reachable at, include that too. There are extra upload spaces available if you would like to send a headshot, photo or promotional material from a production or other attachment you think we might find of interest.
Due to our small staff and the volume of material we receive, once we confirm that the submission is received and accepted, we will only contact you if we have questions or want to do your work. We can't wait to start reading all of your wonderful submissions! 

If you have any questions, email our submissions manager Becky at becky_galambos@sbcglobal.net.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

TV Writing Classes in NYC from Anywhere

Einhorn School of Performing Arts (ESPA), part of Primary Stages, an award-winning Off-Broadway theater company in NYC nurturing playwrights since 1984.  ESPA offers online classes as an extension of our time-tested writing curriculum. Our online classes help you create or polish a draft of your new play or screenplay through weekly assignments and written lectures, providing the necessary structure and deadlines to those outside the tri-state area or with unpredictable schedules. 

Instructor: Jason Grote (Writer, “Mad Men”, “Hannibal”, “Smash”)
Begins June 20, Lectures via Citrix* Saturdays from 12:00pm – 2:00pm EST
This online class is for playwrights who want the tools to transition from stage to screen. By the end of the semester, you’ll be well on your way to a submission-worthy pilot and have the means to create powerful, distinctive, and commercially-viable television.

*Television Writing will be taught via live lectures on an interactive Citrix platform. In the virtual classroom, each participant can opt to use their webcam so that you’re not only hearing your instructor and classmates but seeing them too, making it feel similar to being in one of the studios at ESPA. 

Flexible payment plans available. 

The All Stories Theater Company seeks English-language plays from authors who are not US citizens

Facebook page

The All Stories Theater Company seeks English-language plays from authors who are not US citizens. Authors may reside anywhere, including the US and may incorporate other languages in their work, too, if translation is included.

Content, length, etc, is up to author.  Preference will be given to stories which reveal something of a place outside the US and which are also at the same time awesome.

$25 for honorarium for authors we select. 

Send plays in .doc or .pdf formatted attachment to allstoriestheatercompany@gmail.com by June 15th  with “Play Submission”  in subject heading.

Located outside of Boston, The All Stories Theater Company is an independent association of freelance artists dedicated to sharing a diverse array of first-rate stories – including, perhaps, yours! - with our audiences.

New Jersey Playwrights Contest of William Paterson University seeks musicals

Facebook page

web site

The New Jersey Playwrights Contest of William Paterson University is pleased to announce the 13th Annual NJPC -  Musical Series (open to all in the northern NJ, tri-­‐state region). 

The NJPC is seeking original works that have never been published or produced. We do accept those that have had workshops and readings. 

All styles and genres are welcomed (one-­‐acts, full length, comedies and dramas, etc.). The winners will be given fully staged productions in the 2016-­‐17 season. 

 The NJPC is committed to providing quality entertainment for the community through cultural education and inspiration. This contest helps bring new playwrights and composers and their work into focus in the community, the region and the state of New Jersey. 

 The NJPC offers the contest winners the chance to see their work fully realized on stage and is proud to have produced 15 original plays and musicals in our first 11 seasons! 

Here is how the contest works. Authors complete an entry form and follow the rules below. After review, those plays and musicals selected for the reading phase will be requested. Three finalists in each category (play or musical) are chosen for staged readings. The winning Play and Musical will be presented in Dec. 2016 and in April 2017 respectively. 

 The NJPC reserves the right to accept or reject any submission and reserves the right to declare no winner. 

 PLEASE NOTE: By entering the contest you grant the NJPC the rights, royalty free, to produce a staged reading of your work; permission to use your name and title of your work in all NJPC publicity and promotions; and the exclusive area rights to produce your work if chosen the winner of the contest. No other claims are placed upon the material. 

SUBMISSION GUIDELINES -­‐ For the 13th consecutive year we are not charging a fee to enter the contest! To enter, simply complete an Entry Form and follow the rules below.  

All entries must include a completed, signed and legible Entry Form  and support materials: bio/resume of the author(s); 
  • a cover letter stating author’s availability to participate; 
  • a brief synopsis of the show that includes the vocal requirements and any special needs; 
  • and performance history, if any, of the piece.  
All entries must be received by the deadline date: July 27, 2015.  

A separate Entry Form must be sent for each musical.  

All entries must be electronic. 

Email your entry to: theatreseries@wpunj.edu with a “13th Annual NJPC” and your full name in the subject line. DO NOT EMAIL scripts, librettos or scores until requested.  

When requested, scripts, librettos and piano scores must be sent electronically in PDF format. If available, music samples should be in any standard electronic format. CDs are unacceptable. NOTE: All musicals must have a complete piano score for full consideration.  

A required interview with each finalist will be arranged after selection. At this time we are specifically seeking new plays and musicals suitable for staging in a black box theater – those with small casts and limited scenic needs are ideal.

Philadelphia Women's Theater Festival

web site

Announcing the 2015 Festival
July 30th – August 2nd

Philadelphia Women’s Theatre Festival (PWTF) is dedicated to creating opportunities for women in theatre.

Playwrights e-mail this form, a digital version of your play, a brief introduction letter, and a resume with two references to info@phillywomenstheatrefest.org by May 15th

Playwrights chosen for a staged reading will receive at least one performed staged reading of the play along with response and feedback from industry professionals. Playwrights chosen for a fully mounted production will receive a full rehearsal process, feedback, and at least 2-3 public performances of the play.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Mystery on the Menu needs several 5-10 minute mysteries

web site

Mystery on the Menu needs several 5-10 minute mysteries for its second annual mystery festival on July 13th 

 Plays must be 5-10 minutes in length (5-10 typewritten, double spaced pages), have no more than four characters and have something to do with the number thirteen...
HINT - could be the address, date, time etc.

Plays chosen will receive a staged reading at the festival on July 13th.

Title page should contain authors name, email, telephone, name of play, short synopsis, list of characters.

Include SASE if you would like manuscript returned. 
 Mail to 
320 South Surf Road, 
Hollywood Fl. 33019
attn: Barbara Fox

Deadline is June 10th.

The Hormel Festival of New Plays and Musicals 2016 Submission Guidelines

web site

 *Fees are waived for members of WGA or Dramatists Guild
PHOENIX THEATRE’S HORMEL NEW WORKS FESTIVAL is accepting full length play submissions for 2016.

PHOENIX THEATRE announces its 18th Hormel New Works Festival, and its 9th national playwrights’ competition. The New Works Festival presents four staged readings of plays and musicals each summer at Phoenix Theatre, the oldest arts organization in Arizona and the largest Phoenix-based producing theatre. Playwrights whose work has been presented include Beau Willimon, Y York, Donna Hoke, Kris Bauske, Jack Heifner, Janet Neipris, Craig Bohmler, Hal Corley, James McClure, Rich Orloff, Eric Coble, Dale Wasserman, & Richard Warren.

The New Works festival is accepting submissions for the following:

Full Length Plays: Both dramatic and comedic. Plays should be original, un-produced full length, bound scripts that are finished enough to profit from a workshop reading by professional actors but still open to revision. Do not send synopsis or screen plays. No multiple authors or collaborations will be accepted. Scripts may not exceed 100 pages of dialogue and must be bound in traditional script form. Cast size must be limited to 5 characters or less and no more than 3 locations. Full length plays would receive a staged reading. 

Submission fee: $10* Please send hard copy to mailing address below. *Fees are waived for members of WGA or Dramatists Guild

Please send to:
Phoenix Theatre New Works Festival
C/O Pasha Yamotahari
100 E. McDowell Rd.
Phoenix, AZ 85004

Full Length Musicals: Musicals should be original, un-produced full length, bound script and score. CD’s of studio recordings are accepted as well. Musicals should be finished enough to profit from a workshop reading by professional actors but still open to revision. No more than 3 authors (book writer, lyricist and composer) will be accepted. Scripts may not exceed 100 pages of dialogue and must be bound in traditional script form. Cast size must be limited to 8 actors (could play multiple characters) or less and no more than 5 locations. Full Length Musicals would receive a staged reading. Submission Fee $10. Please send hard copy to mailing address below. *Fees are waived for members of NAMT, Dramatist Guild and/or WGA.

Please send to:
Phoenix Theatre New Works Festival
C/O Pasha Yamotahari
100 E. McDowell Rd.
Phoenix, AZ 85004

Short Plays: 10 to 45 minutes: (NO FEE REQUIRED) Plays should use 5 or less actors, comedy or drama, (please no musicals). Selected short plays will receive a staged reading in our annual Evening of Short Plays. Please email submissions to r.harper@phoenixtheatre.com (Robbie Harper: Associate Artistic Director) Please put Short Play submission in subject line. Please make sure that the play is submitted as a PDF. No more than 3 submissions per playwright are accepted. Travel and lodging not included.

Songs for our Composer/Lyricist cabaret: (NO FEE REQUIRED) We are looking to feature new voices in the American Musical Theatre.

  • Please submit 3 complete songs: 1 ballad, 1 up-tempo and one production number. (preferred but not required)
  • Include sheet music and/or recording of the songs. Recordings do not need to be professional recordings. If sending recording through mail, please have song list written on song sheet included with your CD.
  • Please submit by email, please use QuickTime, WMP (Mp3 or Mp4) and/or DROP BOX. Please have files labeled and saved as PDF. Include Composer/Lyricist Cabaret in the subject line.
  • Please let us know whether the musical is complete or in development or just a sampling of your work.
  • Include draft of libretto (if available) or a possible synopsis. Please have these files as PDF.
  • Songs will be featured in a cabaret setting with 2 other composers.
  • Composers will receive airfare and housing and are requested to attend the cabaret.

For the Full Length scripts selected, we offer a staged reading, with professional actors, directors and dramaturges, to be held May 2nd – May 15th 2016 in Phoenix.

If your script/musical is selected, you must be available to be in residence for a 10 day time span during the span of the festival.

Please make checks, money orders, etc., payable to Phoenix Theatre.

Payments must be included with your script. Do not send cash. Scripts will NOT be returned.

Deadline for submission postmarked by: August 1st 2015

Finalists will be chosen and contacted by: November 1st 2015

For questions please email:

Mr. Robert Harper at r.harper@phoenixtheatre.com
(Associate Artistic Director/Festival Director)


Mr. Pasha Yamotahari at p.yamotahari@phoenixtheatre.com

(Resident Dramaturge)

To submit your script:
Please send to:
Phoenix Theatre New Works Festival
C/O Pasha Yamotahari