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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Edward F. Albee Foundation guidelines

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The Edward F. Albee Foundation exists to serve writers and visual artists from all walks of life, by providing time and space in which to work without disturbance.

Using only talent and need as the criteria for selection, the Foundation invites any and all artists to apply.


APPLICANTS must prepare:

• Visual Arts: 6-12 images and/or 3 media files

• Plays/Screenplays: A full manuscript (one act plays count as a full script)

• Poetry: Up to 12 poems

• Fiction: 1 short story or 2 chapters from a novel

• Non-fiction / Memoir / Journalism: 2 essays/articles or 2 chapters from a book

Please note: writers who write in a foreign language should apply with English translations of their work.

You must be able to take full credit for the creation of your work sample. No collaborations unless applying as a team!

ALL APPLICANTS must also include:

• An up to date resumé

• Email addresses of 2 professionals familiar with you and your work (your recommenders will be contacted for letters by us)

• An artist’s statement explaining your current need for a residency, as well as the details of the proposed project while in residence


Submissions are done entirely online through our Submittable page.

Applications will be accepted beginning January 1st, 2017 with a deadline of March 1st, 2017.

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